Explore a Summary of Our Past Gatherings

Help Save Stan!

‚Äč”Help Save Stan is an annual event at which students participate in interprofessional health team simulations and learning scenarios in a safe, but realistic environment. Students work with peers from a variety of health care disciplines and institutions using their combined skills and interprofessional communication to ensure proper care and safety for their patients.” (Help Save Stan, 2020)

We had members of the CNSA participate as both volunteers and students.

Jokes Not Strokes

We hosted our very own Comedy Night on February 3. Students loved spending time laughing together and loved the $0.25 perogies even more.

Nurses Night Out

We ended our National Nursing Students’ Week on November 23 with a nursing student mixer at Towers on campus. It was the perfect way to celebrate being a nursing student!

National Nursing Students’ Week

NNSW is an annual, week-long event held each November. The purpose of NNSW in the past has always been to showcase the contributions of nursing students to their practice settings and celebrate their accomplishments throughout their program of study.

Pizza & Patho Night

In April 2019, we dedicated a fun school night around midterms. We answered Kahoot questions about nursing labs, physical/mental assessment, our science courses and more. Best part–we had pizza! We got great feedback on this event and students loved having this mini study session in the Robbins Centre.

CNSA Gala ’19

Our 1st annual fancy gala was a success! We sold hundreds of tickets and hosted a fun evening in March away from school to celebrate and take a break towards the end of the semester. Several companies donated prizes (gift cards, gift boxes) and students had a chance to win. We also had a night-long buffet, photo booth, drinks, music and sweets! We can’t wait for the next gala.

Career Mentorship

In October 2019 we partnered with Sigma Theta Tau, an International Honour Society of Nursing, for a faculty wide event. This event included visits from RNs of different specialties, RPNs, and management positions. They taught students how to build your resume, interview skills and how to land your dream nursing job. Students built connections and learned more about different specialties in nursing to discover/confirm their passion for that area of practice! 

Regional Conference

“Nursing the Spectrum: Diversity and Inclusivity Within the Realms of Health” was the theme in Abbotsford, BC from Oct 31-Nov 3, 2019. This conference allowed us students to gain more information from patients of different backgrounds, sexual orientations, genders, ethnicities and more. We learned so much and cannot wait to apply it to our nursing education and careers. We also attended social events in and around the hotel with the CNSA! We grew closer as a group and spent time with other students of Western Canada too. Stay tuned for the next conference. 

Homeless Connect

On October 6th, 2019 at the Shaw Conference Center, students provide blood glucose testing, blood pressure testing, and health teaching to those in Edmonton who are homeless or experiencing homelessness. We gained fantastic real life experience and cannot wait for the Spring event.