Official Delegate

(She/Her). Hi all, I am in my third year of the BScN program. I have been involved in the CNSA MacEwan chapter since my first year and absolutely cherish this group! One thing I strongly value about this organization are the friendships, connections, and support it provides on both a local and national level. As OD this year, I hope to continue to provide a space and platform where other nursing students can come to share their ideas, their lived experiences, and their struggles and triumphs within their respective programs.

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” ~ Walt Whitman

Email: macewan@cnsa.ca


Associate Delegate RN

(He/Him). Hi! As the AD-RN, I hope to create awareness surrounding nursing and continue to inspire students everyday. I grew up in rural Saskatchewan and was heavily influenced by several healthcare providers. They were extensively involved in the community, and I idolized how they impacted so many lives, including mine. At such a young age, I experienced how even the smallest things could cause a ripple effect with so many lasting benefits. I hope to better the health system by incorporating these aspects throughout my nursing practice and continue to inspire my peers everyday as I embark on my journey with the MacEwan CNSA Chapter.

Email: sokolanz@mymacewan.ca


Associate Delegate RPN

(He/Him). Hi! As the AD-RPN, I hope that I can bring a mental health perspective to the MacEwan University CNSA Chapter and put forth the best interests of the RPN program students. I have always been interested in the field of mental health, having a history of working with a vast array of individuals with mental health challenges, children to adults. These interests are what lead me to take the Psychiatric Nursing Program offered through MacEwan University. I have always known that I wanted to pursue a career that involves helping individuals and giving back. I really believe that mental health awareness is something that needs to be more at the forefront of public health.

Email: leroyb3@mymacewan.ca


Director of Events

(She/Her). Hi! I am a 3rd-year, 2nd-semester BScN student at MacEwan. As Director of Events, I have had the pleasure of helping to plan the Nursing Gala, Homeless Connect, and many other fun CNSA events. My goal is to continue to work effectively alongside the other members and have another wonderful year with the CNSA team 🙂 

Email: janesc5@mymacewan.ca


Director of Finance

(He/Him). Hi! I am in my 3rd-year, 2nd-semester of the BScN program. My goal for the CNSA is to work with the other executives in fundraising to help send our members to the regional/national conferences, as well as helping to plan social events for nursing students. I am also available to offer any financial advice to members.

Email: blaisc24@mymacewan.ca

For E-Transfers: colin_blais@hotmail.com


Director of Recruitment

(He/Him). Hi! As the Director of Recruitment, I engage with nursing students from all years, especially those who are new to the nursing program and the CNSA. I am also in charge of the Mentorship Program, which helps new students ease into their first year of nursing while allowing older years to gain valuable experience and opportunities sharing their knowledge. I want to help nursing students discover the resources the CNSA has to offer and assist them to succeed in this program. 

Email: macewan@cnsa.ca


Director of Communications

(She/Her). Hey! I’m going into my 4th year of the BScN program. I’ve been involved with the CNSA for a year, and have gained many friendships and great experiences because of it. I’m looking forward to the year and hope to make it memorable for something other than COVID! 😉

Email: fensket2@mymacewan.ca


Social Media Officer

(She/Her). As a newbie to nursing (this is my first year), I approached the CNSA with some hesitation. After sitting in on my first meeting, I knew instantly that it was a group that I wanted to be a part of and forged a plan with my friend, Matthew, to run for the position of social media officers. My goal as a social media officer is to enhance communication between the CNSA and MacEwan University nursing students and ensure that all information and resources are relayed appropriately. I have a passion for making people smile and I hope that this position allows me to do that while complementing and amplifying the community that the CNSA has built. 

I can’t wait for the day when I can see everyone on campus again!

Email: sheehank4@mymacewan.ca


Social Media Officer

(He/Him). HEY! As I’m in my first year of nursing, the CNSA is very new to me and my friend Kassandra. Being involved with this group and its events last semester together was so rewarding, helping to forge a fast friendship between us and make me feel at home in my first few weeks. That feeling of friendships and community is what I hope to bring to many nursing students in my time here. Social media is SO important as it allow us to mobilize our demographic and establish the connections that will support us in uplifting our members, our school, and our community.

Email: mccurdym5@mymacewan.ca

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