Kaitlin Willisko

Official Delegate

(She/Her) Hey everyone! I am in my second year of the BScN program here ai MacEwan and am so excited to be taking on the role of AD-RN. I’m extremely proud to be part of such a prestigious nursing program, but have quickly come to realize how much we can elevate our educations through community and engagement with others both internal and external to the Faculty of Nursing at MacEwan. As AD-RN, I hope to facilitate this greater sense of community and provide opportunities to gain experience, wisdom, and a greater passion for the nursing profession!

Brandi Charette


(She/her) Hello! I am very excited and honoured to be your AD-RN and will strive to support and uplift MacEwan BScN students and the CNSA. I am currently finishing my second year of the BScN program and starting my third year this winter. A little background on me, I have previously completed a Biological Sciences diploma from NAIT and have worked in environmental lab and research positions. I have always loved biology and nursing is something I have grown to know is my passion! These incredible nursing programs at MacEwan allow us to grow into highly educated and knowledgeable future nurses, and is complimented by the family that is the CNSA MacEwan chapter. As hard working nursing students, we absolutely need to support each other, and the CNSA provides those necessary connections to us. The CNSA shows it’s importance by allowing us to gather and voice our interests and opinions, while also giving rise to various opportunities within our communities. I am looking forward to future meetings and events and to welcoming new CNSA members!

Kenzie Sutley

Associate Delegate RPN

(She/Her) Hi! I’m so excited to be the AD RPN. I hope that I can do my part to shed light on mental health within the CNSA at MacEwan. I consider myself a mental health advocate and I love learning about how the brain works! I currently work in group care and I believe that it has given me a unique perspective on mental wellness. I love being a part of the Psychiatric Nursing program and can’t wait to see where it will take me in life! I hope I can do justice as the AD RPN and bring awareness to mental health and this amazing program. 

Anyalee Chretien

Director of Communications

(She/Her) Hello everybody, my name is Anyalee, and I am in my first year of the BSCN program. I’ve been involved with the CNSA since I started school, and I have gained so much from it, so I hope to do the same for others. As Director of communications I hope that I can connect students throughout this year and create an open environment where all nursing students can feel welcomed. 

William Salikin

Director of Recruitment

Hi, my name is Will and I am the Director of Recruitment. I am in my second year of the RN program and time is already going by too quickly. Being in charge of recruitment, I am passionate about developing all of MacEwan students into being a cohesive organization where all feel welcome and supported by one another. Nursing school is normally scary and stressful for anyone, but now we have to complete it with pandemic restrictions. The CNSA is here to provide a larger community that all MacEwan nursing students are a part of and assist with everyone’s successful completion of their program.

Ashley Stoltz

Events Manager

(She/Her) Hi everyone! I’m a second year BScN student with a previous degree in microbiology. My goal is to create spaces where students feel connected, relaxed, and warmly welcomed. In consideration of the current pandemic, I’m looking forward to organizing plenty of virtual event nights including watching movies, playing online board games or video games, painting, and baking. Hopefully these will transition into in-person events in the near future. Please feel free to reach out to me at stoltza@mymacewan.ca if you have any event questions, and please say hi if you see me at an event or in the halls at MacEwan! 

Abhishek Sharma

Social Media Officer

HEY! As I’m in my first year of nursing, the CNSA is very new to me. A feeling of friendships and community is what I hope to bring to many nursing students in my time here. Social media is SO important as it allow us to mobilize our demographic and establish the connections that will support us in uplifting our members, our school, and our community.

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