Our goal as an organization is to increase the legal, ethical, professional, and educational aspects, which are an integral part of nursing. On a national level, this looks like influencing nursing curriculum, advocating for the needs of French-speaking students taking the NCLEX, and providing a forum for students to learn, grow, and share their knowledge and experiences with each other. 

Now, how does this relate to you? As a MacEwan nursing student, you are already a member of the CNSA thanks to a 10 dollar fee in your tuition. As a member, you have access to scholarships and travel opportunities. We attend two conferences every year, one in October and one in January (with funding opportunities available)!

Even though conferences are exciting, we function in much smaller ways as well. As a MacEwan chapter, we have a focus on helping our new students feel comfortable and supported in the program. To do this, we have created a mentorship program that is designed to match you with a 3rd or 4th-year student who has similar priorities and availability as you.

We also put a priority on giving back to our school and our community. We host several events throughout the year that aim at bringing together nursing students from all years; both in educational and social settings. In our community, we regularly volunteer with Meals on Wheels and Kiwanis, a senior housing facility.